Acoustics demystified.

Being specialists in multiple fields of audio and acoustics, we seek to optimize human well-being and comfort inside and outside of spaces.

We walk away from speculation and cling to evidence

We have the capacity to capture and interpret the necessary information ensuring results.

The well-being of the city is our primary goal.

We generate noise surveys identifying administrative and building or architectural measures in benefit of urban living-quality.

We remain technologically relevant.

We employ and represent the industry’s most recognized and sought-after acoustic design tools.

Our experience defines the quality of our work.

We have carried out projects ranging from small home studios to full evaluations of international airports.

Some of the companies we have been involved with:

We promote the creation of informative spaces.

Through our educational platform we keep up-to-date information on topics relevant to the development of the audio and acoustic disciplines.

We are always looking for alliances and opportunities to collaborate.

We are interested in integrating the discipline of audio and acoustics in different branches of design and consulting. As a consequence of this, we increase the possibility and opportunity of work for everyone.