What is Odeon?

Odeon is an easy-to-use software for room acoustics. It is mostly used for measurement and simulation of room acoustics. With proper treatment, outdoor situations can also be studied. Given a 3D model and materials (surface properties), acoustics can be predicted, illustrated and heard. Sound reinforcement systems are easily integrated into acoustic predictions. ODEON uses the source-image method combined with a modified ray tracing algorithm.

ODEON is known for its simple workflow, fast calculation times, and high precision. The simple workflow makes it quicker to get started for common tasks, the fast calculation time makes iterative design processes possible, and the high precision makes it trusted by a large engineering community around the world.

What are the capabilities of Odeon?

  • Perform acoustic simulations of simple and complex geometries from 3D models and displaying results in various ways
  • Acoustic measurements in real rooms with immediate results
  • Listen to the acoustics of the 3D models with the auralization options, the latter is an auditory virtualization of the space